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TitleProject Timor: a study to the industrial development of East Timor
AuthorsCabral, Mário
Vieira, Filipa Dionísio
Rodrigues, Cristina Maria Santos
KeywordsManufacturing Industry
East Timor
Industrial development
Issue date2014
AbstractEast Timor is a young country, post-conflict and with low incomes, it is pointed out the need to implement a strategy in order to bring prosperity. One way to achieve these aspirations may pass through private sector investment through the creation and implementation of industry in the country. The present project intends to define a set of guidelines for the implementation of an industrial unit in East Timor. With the goal of identifying industrial areas most relevant to East Timor and taking as a starting point the case study of Timorese reality, a survey was held with Timorese population and information was collected with governmental entities as well with some industry. Results suggest that respondents recognize the importance of creating a manufacturing industry. Nevertheless the perceived advantages of employment and development, the respondents have concerns with environment and land conflicts with community. The coconut oil industry is considered the most important food industry, followed by the salt industry and the industries for the use of cork (baked). Cement industry is the most important construction materials’ industry. The results presented are an important insight in terms of the expectations and attitudes of East Timor population concerning the establishment of manufacturing industry.
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